topic: Choosing a Location

Deciding on the physical location for your clinic and offices is one of the most important factors during your overall establishment. It will affect both your profit margins as well as the ability to acquire new patients, so it’s important you give yourself a lot of time to find the ideal location.

Choosing a Location

Rent, Lease, or Buy

Before you begin looking for a suitable establishment, you should first consider whether you want to rent, lease or buy the property in question.
Each option has both strengths and weaknesses which will be dictated by the overall business plan of your clinic.

If you do decide to lease or rent, think about the period you’d like to lease or rent for – three, six or nine months, for example. Keep in mind that this location doesn’t have to be your permanent home, so consider if a shorter lease if you think you may end up moving in the future.

This idea is explored in Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Among other topics related to building an efficient startup, Ries states that it’s perfectly acceptable to rent a smaller space during the beginning phases of your business and to let your office grow alongside the needs of your practice.

Since monthly payments on a space end up being one of the biggest expenses for any clinic, consider sharing the space with other professionals. Contact other doctors, the medical society and medical realtors and put the word out that you’re looking for others to share your space.


Not all spaces are created equal and some may require more attention than others.

Refurbishing spaces to suit your needs can quickly become a massive expense. Before you do anything it’s important to keep in mind that patients are coming to see you rather than a curated design space. This doesn’t mean you can’t spruce the place up a little, but you don’t have to hire an interior designer to do it.

Small touches will go a long way without breaking your budget. A few coats of fresh paint or a new carpet will do wonders for the entire space. Speak to the landlord before you start any improvements; they might be able to take care of them for you or offer you a rebate if you pay for them yourself.

Once you’ve secured your space, add yourself to the maps of the following websites for greater location visibility: