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Requesting samples from drug companies is another great way of adding value to a patient’s membership without undercutting any sort of income or profit from your clinic. It allows you to get your hands of some pretty expensive drugs for free, and distribute them to your patients as they need them. Because your patient panel is generally going to be quite a bit lower than your normal medical institution (600 as opposed to 3000), these samples go quite far.


Where to Get Samples?

Registering with drug companies online is going to be the easiest route when it comes to getting your hands on samples.

Different companies offer different samples, so it’s important to sign up for as many as are useful to you to diversify your offerings. Below are some that we find helpful:

NovoMedLink – They’ve free to register online and will supply your insulin every month.

Merck Sample Center – Great for many different samples but especially steroid inhalers. Always request the maximum amount they’ll allow and you’ll have a good supply of dulera and asmanex.

eMedSample – Good for inhalers, diabetic medicines and insulin. – Ideal for patient assistance on IUDs.

Synthroid Direct Enrollment – Costs $22 per month, but will supply you with name brand synthesis. 

My Sample Closet – Good for the following: amitiza, trintellix, uloric, dexilant, baxdela, amrix.

GSKPro – It can take up to 30 days to get your account/license information verified before you can order samples online. But if there are samples you need, they can do it over the phone: 888.593.5977

Diathrive – 100 diabetes test strips for $8.

Lo Lestrin FE

Luven – A lubricant for postmenopausal vaginal dryness.

Calmoseptine – An ointment that relieves hemorrhoids, diaper rash, and GU irritation.

Admelog – Here you can get your hands on cheaper insulin.

Emgality – Migraine medicine.

Sanofi Services – Insulin such as lantus, toujeo, apidra and multaq.

Know of more resources? Email us and we’ll add it to the list!