topic: Imaging and Pathology

Imagery and pathology follow much the same course as labs. Both services increase the value of your patient membership by allowing patients to enjoy greatly discounted rates on otherwise costly procedures. Having them as part of your membership package also adds to the versatility of your clinic as a whole, so it’s always good to offer them if possible.

Imaging and Pathology


When sourcing medical imaging services, contact local imaging centers and request a cash list of all of their offered services.

Also, enquire if billing your clinic directly is possible – this way you can pay for the services at cost, and then pass those savings on to your patients. As long as they don’t go below Medicare rates, these imaging centers can also accept cash directly from patients.

With regards to pricing, you should be paying in the neighborhood of the following imaging services:

X-ray: $20 – $40
Ultrasound: $100
MRI: $400

When billing your patients, charge them the above cost plus 5 %.

For reference, you can find a full price list for labs, imaging and medication from Atlas here:

If the imaging clinics have questions, we can easily put them in contact with our radiology groups.

Just as with labs, never agree to discounts based on volume to ensure the prices offered to you stay consistent.


When offering pathology services, a good pricing benchmark is to charge patients the cost price with a 10% mark up.
Some states have anti-markup laws when it comes to pathology, however, so it’s a good idea to doublecheck before you set any prices in stone. You can see the list of states with differing billing laws here. Some states also require that by law that you must disclose the actual cost of services charged by the pathology clinic, but in interests of transparency you should probably be doing this anyway.

Just as with labs and imaging, never agree to a discount based on volume.

If you’re unsure about where to start with pathology, contact Cole Diagnostics. They provide timely labs and pathology services and are also supportive of the DPC movement.

For reference, you can find a full price list for labs, imaging and medication from Atlas here: